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corporate culture

  • our mission

    providing clean energy to empower a more beautiful china

  • our values

    integrity, rule of law, innovation and harmony

  • corporate spirit

    seeking excellence and creating a world-class enterprise

the logo is composed of the letter combination of c and e, the initials of the company鈥檚 english abbreviation chn energy. the general meaning of the logo is as follows: china energy implements the guiding principles of the 19th cpc national congress, actively echoes the clarion call of 鈥淪ocialism is achieved with hard work鈥?by general secretary xi jinping, shoulders the mission to supply clean energy for a more beautiful china, and is committed to building a world-class energy corporation with global competitiveness.

the dominant hues of the pattern, red and gold gradient, are the essential colors of the national flag and the cpc emblem. the colors represent china energy鈥檚 resolve to implementing xi jinping thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era, upholding party leadership and strengthening party building, following party leadership as a centrally administrated soe, carrying on the revolutionary traditions, holding high the banner and being brave to shoulder heavy responsibilities. the black texts are integrated with the red pattern, indicating that with coal as its main business, china energy focuses on coal mining and power generation as well as coordinated development of various businesses.

the gradient curve in the logo resembles the horizon and symbolizes the earth, indicating china energy鈥檚 commitment to globalization. it also looks like the rising sun, meaning that the newly reorganized corporation emerges when the socialism with chinese characteristics enters a new era, shouldering new missions and embarking on a new journey with great vitality and broad prospects.

the letters c and e are integrated by four bold and rough lines into a pattern that is embedded with elements of the original logos of former china guodian corporation and shenhua group to reflect the concepts of 鈥渦nity, integration, fusion, cooperation, joint force and acting together.鈥漈he main lines are directed upwards to the right, showing vigorous vitality and dynamism.

the letter combination of c and e is pithily presented with solemnity, symbolizing that china energy assumes the responsibility as the stabilizer and bedrock of the country鈥檚 energy security. the logo features an industrial design and highlights the group鈥檚 nature as an energy developer.