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the sixth china grand awards for industry were unveiled in beijing on december 27, 2020. the 8.8-meter ultra-large high-intelligent mechanized coal mining face equipment r&d and demonstration project of shendong coal group co., ltd. under china energy was granted the china grand awards for industry, the highest industrial honor in the country.

shendong coal thus became the only coal mining enterprise to win the china grand awards for industry in 2020. other winners included china academy of space technology which undertook major space exploration projects such as manned space missions, deep space exploration, and beidou satellite navigation system. the successful implementation of this project marked that china鈥檚 extra-thick coal seam mining technology has shifted from importation to independent development. compared to its counterparts, this project features the world鈥檚 most advanced underground mining technology, totally domestically-produced equipment, a mining face with the highest degrees of intelligence and safety, and remarkable cross-industry enhancement results. moreover, it leads the world in terms of comprehensive technical indicators, economic returns, and green, clean operations. the project can not only guarantee energy security and promote high-quality development of the industry, but also accelerate economic development of western china and improve ecological and environmental quality of the region, generating significant social benefits.