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huanghua port’s green development achievements included into wwf case book-亚美am8app

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on december 15, the case of “building an intelligent, eco-friendly and green port” of huanghua port under chn energy was included into “new deal for people and nature—case book on business actions in biodiversity in china” by the world wide fund for nature (wwf) and released online. this indicated that huanghua port’s green development achievements have won high recognition in society.

the south wetland of huanghua port

the case of “building an intelligent, eco-friendly and green port” expounds on huanghua port’s successful practices in biodiversity conservation and fully demonstrates its remarkable achievements in green development. in recent years, the company has vigorously promoted biodiversity conservation and taken multiple measures to ensure full vegetation coverage of saline-alkali land. the port has achieved green, sustainable development through measures such as building an aquatic ecosystem comprised of “two lakes and three wetlands”, carrying out fish proliferation and release in a scientific and standardized manner, using integrated approaches to create a paradise for wildlife, and conducting in-depth research on the recycling and utilization of dredged materials. besides, it continues advancing the campaign to reduce pollution and carbon emissions and promoting achievements in green port construction such as essential long-lasting dust suppression technology, conveyor belt washing devices and stockyard intelligent water replenishment system. thanks to those efforts, huanghua port has become china’s first coal port that won the titles of the national aaa industrial tourist area and the asia-pacific green port, and earned awards and honors such as the china environment excellent award and the five-star green port. with its achievements in this regard, the company has provided useful references for the construction of green energy ports and made great contributions to corporate biodiversity conservation.