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huanghua port station of shuohuang railway achieved annual coal transport of over 200 million tons for five consecutive years-亚美am8app

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as of december 20, the huanghua port station of shuohuang railway under chn energy had transported nearly 200,535,253 tons of coal this year. its annual coal transport volume has exceeded 200 million tons for five consecutive years, ranking among the country’s top railway stations in terms of coal receiving and unloading volumes. the port has made steady contributions to guaranteeing energy supply.

the arriving and departing freight trains at the harbor operational zone of huanghua port station

since the beginning of this year, the huanghua port station has made every effort to facilitate the “last kilometer” of coal receiving and unloading operations, solve a series of difficulties and challenges such as unmatching of vehicle flow and types and of coal categories in a coordinated way, and achieve timely, clear and accurate interconnection of production information. moreover, it has constantly optimized personnel deployment and enhanced transport efficiency. fully understanding the extreme importance of production safety, it has implemented a safety accountability system among all employees, with focus on key tasks such as ensuring employees’ personal safety, removing ice and snow, and strengthening frozen coal management and control in winter. efforts are also made to further specify and reinforce epidemic prevent and control and continuously improve safety management capacity.