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two hydropower projects of dadu river company included in the plan for the development of power generating facilities and power grids-亚美am8app

author:    source: communication company   time: 2022-12-16   font:【 】

on december 5, the sichuan provincial people’s government unveiled the plan for the development of power generating facilities and power grids of sichuan province (2022-2025). the shuangjiangkou and jinchuan hydropower projects of dadu river company under chn energy were included in the plan, bringing new opportunities for hydropower development in the dadu river basin.

so far, the dadu river company has put into operation nine hydropower stations with a total installed capacity of 11.35 million kw, including first-grade stations of gongzui, tongjiezi, pubugou, shenxigou, dagangshan and zhentouba and second-grade stations of houziyan, jiniu, and shaping. there are also four hydropower stations under construction, with a total installed capacity of 3.52 million kw, including the second-grade stations of jinchuan, shuangjiangkou and zhentouba and the first-grade station of shaping. in addition, five hydropower projects with a total installed capacity of 2.9 million kw have entered the preliminary preparation stage, including the first-grade stations of anning, badi, danba and laoyingyan and the second-grade station of laoyingyan.

in recent years, the company has actively practiced the new energy security strategy of “promoting energy consumption revolution, energy supply revolution, energy technology revolution and energy system revolution and deepening all-round international cooperation”. it has worked hard to realize chn energy’s goals of “building hydropower projects of 5 million kw and putting into operation of projects of another 5 million kw”. leveraging the opportunities of hydropower development along the jinsha, yalong and dadu rivers in sichuan, the company has made efforts to advance high-quality and efficient construction of hydropower projects along the dadu river while expanding the business of power generation with new energy. these measures enable the dadu river company to provide a strong power guarantee for building the chengdu-chongqing economic circle and reinforcing the strategic rear area of the country in the new circumstances.