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chn energy’s zhunge’er energy group: speeding up development through intelligent transformation-亚美am8app

author:    source: communication company   time: 2023-04-10   font:【 】

integrated production command, unmanned mining trucks, corporate 5g core networks… the “dream of intelligent mining” has come true in the heidaigou open-pit coal mine and its supplementary coal dressing plant of zhunge’er energy group, a subsidiary of chn energy.

in recent years, along with the surging of industry 4.0 and the boom of the industrial internet, the heidaigou open-pit coal mine and its supplementary coal dressing plant have ridden the tide to build a “1 1 1 n” intelligent coal mining model and vigorously push forward integrated application of intelligent technologies in fields like mining design, raw coal production, coal preparation and loading, disaster precaution, and production supporting services. in addition, zhunge’er energy group integrated and optimized its existing information system to create an integrated management and control platform covering coal mine safety, production, scheduling and operation. it has also set up a coal mine data center to incorporate data of all technical systems, formulate a holistic data map of the mining zone, and provide real-time data computing and analysis capacities, breaking data barriers of “information islands”.

zhunge’er energy group will continue advancing integrated development of intelligent technologies and the coal industry, and speed up the construction of world-class open-pit coal mines and modern coal dressing plants that are safe, efficient, green, and intelligent.