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chn energy completed china’s first meteorological atlas for new energy operators-亚美am8app

author:    source: communication company   time: 2023-04-12   font:【 】

lately, china longyuan power group co., ltd. (“longyuan power” for short) under chn energy put into operation china’s first meteorological atlas that it developed for domestic new energy operators, achieving integrated display of meteorological historical data and forecast data and initiating the long-term meteorological forecast technology.

engineers check china’s wind speed forecast flow distribution map using the meteorological atlas.

with refining meteorological services as the key goal, longyuan power has successfully developed a meteorological atlas for new energy operators through deeply digging meteorological forecast data and historical data, helping data analysts and plant operators better understand meteorological phenomena and laws and improve their capacity to use meteorological data. the historical atlas of the system covers the whole world and can display monthly and yearly meteorological data over the past 30 years; and the forecast atlas covers the entire country and can display short-term, mid-term and long-term meteorological data. at present, the meteorological atlas has achieve functions such as automatic drawing of thermodynamic charts and flow distribution maps of meteorological factors, hourly update of atlas data, display of meteorological factors in different time slots, and data inquiry for any specific geographical location.

the meteorological atlas enables new energy enterprises to fully grasp historical meteorological data and long-term forecast data, thus meeting the diversified, professional, customized and refined needs of the new power system in terms of new energy production and operation.