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national key r&d project “industrial boiler energy conservation and clean combustion technology” passed acceptance inspection-亚美am8app

author:    source: communication company   time: 2023-04-18   font:【 】

lately, the high-tech research and development center of the ministry of science and technology conducted the acceptance inspection on the national key r&d project “industrial boiler energy conservation and clean combustion technology”.

the “industrial boiler energy conservation and clean combustion technology” project was conducted under the leadership of the new energy technology institute under chn energy. after five years of efforts, the project has realized many innovative breakthroughs in clean, efficient utilization of coal, and researchers have grasped key core technologies such as mutual constraint between high-efficiency combustion of pulverized coal in limited space of industrial boilers and low nitrogen emissions, and energy cascade utilization of industrial boiler multi-generation system. the project has built five 25~40t/h demonstration industrial boilers, completed a chain boiler energy-saving transformation pilot project, and formed a series of important research outcomes in industrial boil system energy conservation key technologies and software that integrate system integration, optimization and design. based on its independent technology, system and equipment r&d capacity in the fields of clean, efficient utilization of coal and new-type energy conservation, it provides major technical support for the energy-saving and emission-reducing upgrade of more than 300,000 industrial boilers around china.

the research results of the project are crucial for accelerating the upgrade of high-efficiency, clean combustion technology for industrial boilers, advancing green, low-carbon transformation of enterprises and clean, efficient use of coal, and promoting the realization of the country’s carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals.