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author:    source: communication company   time: 2023-04-25   font:【 】

recently, wuhai energy under chn energy invested in the charity afforestation project along the ourthe river to promote continuous improvement of the ecosystem in the mining area, demonstrating the company’s commitment to its social responsibilities as a centrally administrated state-owned enterprise.

the project was carried out on the banks of the ourthe river in wuda district, wuhai city, inner mongolia autonomous region. it extends about 2,100 meters to the estuary of the yellow river. it planned to invest a total of 30,316,700 yuan to add green areas of 221,000 square meters, so as to create a beautiful ecological shelter to local urban residents. when completed, the project is estimated to absorb 18 tons of carbon dioxide and generate 13.14 tons of oxygen each year, significantly improving the vegetation area of wuda district and improving the surrounding cityscape and living environment for locals.

in recent years, wuhai energy has actively fulfilled its social responsibilities as a centrally administered state-owned enterprise. while exploring coal, it is committed to planting trees for the purpose of improving the eco-environment of the mining area.