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  • china energy departments
    • 1.discipline inspection group
    • 2.department of general affairs(office of party leadership group, office of board of directors)
    • 3.organization and personnel department(hr department)
    • work department(publicity department of party committee, united front work department of party committee, direct-affiliated office of party committee, communist youth league committee)
    • of inspection work
    • 6.strategic planning department
    • department
    • operation department
    • 9.corporate governance and legal affairs department(reform office)
    • and environmental supervision department
    • and technology department(office of science and technology commission, major projects office)
    • 12.information technology department
    • cooperation department(overseas corporation office, u.s. business office)
    • 14.audit department
    • 15.workers' union department
    • 16.department of coal and transportation
    • 17.department of power generation
    • 18.department of chemicals
    • 19.production dispatching center
    • 20.procurement supervision department
    • 1锛嶤hina shenhua energy co., ltd.
    • 2锛嶨uodian power development co., ltd.
    • 3锛嶭ongyuan power group co., ltd.
    • 4锛嶤hina shenhua coal to liquid and chemical co., ltd.
    • 5锛嶨uodian technology & environment group co., ltd.
    • 6锛嶨uodian capital holdings ltd.
      (guodian financial leasing co., ltd.)
    • 7锛嶴henhua shendong coal group co., ltd.
      (china shenhua shendong coal branch)
    • 8锛嶴henhua ningxia coal industry group co., ltd.
    • 9锛嶨uohua power company of china shenhua energy co., ltd.
      (beijing guohua power co., ltd.)
    • 10锛嶨uodian north china electric power co., ltd.
    • 11锛嶴henhua guoneng group co., ltd.
      (shenhua shendong power co., ltd.)
    • 12锛嶨uodian northeast china electric power co., ltd.
    • 13锛嶨uodian dadu river hydropower development co., ltd.
    • 14锛嶴henhua zhungeer energy co., ltd.
    • 15锛嶪nner mongolia pingzhuang coal group co., ltd.
    • 16锛嶴henhua wuhai energy co., ltd.
    • 17锛嶴henhua xinjiang energy co., ltd.
    • 18锛嶴henhua baorixile energy co., ltd.
    • 19锛嶨uodian jiangsu power co., ltd.
    • 20锛嶨uohua energy investment co., ltd.
      (shenhua new energy co., ltd.)
    • 21锛嶨uodian shandong power co., ltd.
    • 22锛嶴henwan energy co., ltd.
    • 23锛嶨uodian changyuan electric power co., ltd.
      (guodian hubei power co., ltd.)
    • 24锛嶤hina guodian corporation xinjiang branch
      (guodian xinjiang power co., ltd.)
    • 25锛嶨uodian anhui power co., ltd.
    • 26锛嶨uodian jiangxi power co., ltd.
    • 27锛嶴huohuang railway development co., ltd.
    • 28锛嶤hina shenhua energy co., ltd. shenshuo railway branch
    • 29锛嶴henhua trading group ltd.
      (shenhua coal trading co., ltd.)
    • 30锛嶨uodian fuel co., ltd.
    • 31锛嶴henhua materials group ltd.
    • 32锛嶨uodian science and technology research institute
    • 33锛嶣eijing low-carbon clean energy research institute
    • 34锛嶨uodian new energy technology research institute
    • 35锛嶯ational energy technologies and economics research institute
    • 36锛嶴henhua baotou energy co., ltd.
      (shenhua group baotou mining co., ltd.)
    • 37锛嶴henhua beidian shengli energy co., ltd.
      (china shenhua energy co., ltd. shengli energy branch)
    • 38锛嶴henhua hangjin energy co., ltd.
    • 39锛嶪nner mongolia dayan mining industry group co., ltd.
    • 40锛嶨uodian guizhou power co., ltd.
    • 41锛嶴henhua (fujian) energy co., ltd.
    • 42锛嶨uodian henan power co., ltd.
    • 43锛嶨uodian fujian power co., ltd.
    • 44锛嶨uodian sichuan power co., ltd.
    • 45锛嶨uodian yunnan power co., ltd.
    • 46锛嶨uodian guangxi power co., ltd.
    • 47锛嶨uodian inner mongolia power co., ltd.
      (guodian inner mongolia energy co., ltd.
      , china guodian corporation inner mongolia branch)
    • 48锛嶨uodian gansu power co., ltd.
    • 49锛嶨uodian shaanxi power co., ltd.
    • 50锛嶴henhua sichuan energy co., ltd.
    • 51锛嶨uodian guangdong power co., ltd.
    • 52锛嶤hina guodian corporation hunan branch
    • 53锛嶤hina guodian corporation hainan branch
    • 54锛嶤hina guodian corporation chongqing branch
    • 55锛嶤hina guodian corporation qinghai branch
    • 56锛嶤hina guodian corporation tibet branch
    • 57锛嶤hina guodian corporation shanghai branch
    • 58锛嶤hina guodian corporation ningxia branch
      (guodian younglight energy chemical group co., ltd.)
    • 59锛嶤hina guodian corporation zhejiang branch
    • 60锛嶤hina guodian corporation tianjin branch
    • 61锛嶤hina guodian corporation hebei branch
    • 62锛嶤hina guodian corporation shanxi branch
    • 63锛嶤hina guodian corporation jilin branch
    • 64锛嶤hina guodian corporation heilongjiang branch
    • 65锛嶨uodian jinshajiang xulong hydropower development co., ltd.
      (guodian jinshajiang benzilan hydropower development co., ltd.)
    • 66锛嶴henhua railway transportation co., ltd.
    • 67锛嶴henhua huanghua port co., ltd.
    • 68锛嶴henhua baoshen railway group co., ltd.
    • 69锛嶴henhua tianjin coal terminal co., ltd.
    • 70锛嶴henhua zhonghai shipping co., ltd.
    • 71锛嶳ail mechanization maintenance branch of china shenhua energy co., ltd.
    • 72锛嶴henhua mengdong railway co., ltd.
    • 73锛嶤hina energy coal coking co., ltd.
    • 74锛嶤hina energy saving emission reduction co., ltd.
    • 75锛嶴henhua finance co., ltd.
    • 76锛嶴henhua geological exploration co., ltd.
    • 77锛嶨uodian materials group co., ltd.
    • 78锛嶤hina shenhua overseas development & investment co., ltd.
    • 79锛嶨uodian property co., ltd.
    • 80锛嶴henhua international (hong kong) co., ltd.
    • 81锛嶤hina shenhua international engineering co., ltd.
    • 82锛嶴henhua information technology co., ltd.
      (shenhua hollysys information technology co., ltd.)
    • 83锛嶴henhua australia holdings pty limited